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  1. Kate Lance

    This article may be of interest – highlighted in the July 2014 GSDI Regional Newsletter, http://portal.gsdi.org/files/?artifact_id=1534

    Applying the theory of planned behavior to explain geospatial data sharing for urban planning and management: cases from urban centers in Tanzania
    Author(s): Alex Lubida, Petter Pilesjö, Margareta Espling & Micael Runnström
    African Geographical Review, Published online: 17 March 2014 [not an open access journal]
    Abstract: This paper illustrates the potential use of the theory of planned behavior as a guiding framework for understanding intentions and behavior in geospatial data sharing in Tanzania. A structured questionnaire survey, was constructed and sent to local governments as well as academic and private organizations that are major
    producers and/or users of geodata. The questionnaire covered issues of how collection of geodata is financed, management of geospatial data, and compatibility of spatial data-sets. The theory was found to be generally effective in accounting for intentions to share geospatial data in Tanzania (p < .01). Results show potential for data sharing between local governments and other organizations in Tanzania, and it is suggested that creating awareness among spatial data stakeholders and the establishment of a spatial data infrastructure policy framework will speed up geospatial data
    Source: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19376812.2014.892433


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