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Parameter standardization for SQL fed queries through WMS/WFS?

Web map services are not straightforward any more. Some are based on complex queries to database like Oracle, MSSQL and PostGIS. This makes it possible for the services to provide highly specialized data views to their clients. Sometimes this is done by having the web map service accepting or forwarding non-standardized parameters. It’s beautiful and confusing at the same time.

My major problem with this practice is not that it is being done, but the lack of standardizations of parameters. I frankly think this is a problem and I am foreseeing it becoming more so as time goes by without any action taken. Continue reading

Productive week

This week I posted twice on the TZGISUG website and once on the TZCRC website. The change from Tikiwiki to WordPress has been revigourating for the work. More focus can be given to content. The thought of editing content wiki-style is good, but for TZCRC, TZGISUG and the Mindland website I really can do without.

As one can read in the TZGISUG article I am thinking some about content as well. Is it  right that the TZGISUG website has a lot of spatial data? My conclusion is that it should be kept somewhere else. Preferably through a National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Tanzania.

Publishing in one media is not good enough. So I have tweeted about the postings and posted about them on Facebook. It is interesting to keep an eye on the statistics. Seems like it works…