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QDGC-files updated

The Quarter Degree Grid Cells (QDGC) data set has been updated. It is well over a year since last time. Some errors in the current release has made this necessary. One of the things which kept me from doing the … Continue reading

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QDGC shapefiles available for national and continental scale distribution

A new set of the Quarter Degree Grid Cell shapefiles has been generated. The update is global and delivers an error fix for the country level files as well as a new product – continent level files. The QDGC shapefiles … Continue reading

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QDGC global coverage level 1-4

A new set of the Quarter Degree Grid Cell shapefiles has been generated. This time the coverage is global and the publication is for individual countries. The QDGC shapefiles contain center lon/lat coordinates and the QDGC string for the different … Continue reading

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QDGC – Quarter Degree Grid Cells revisited

Some years ago I wrote a paper on Quarter Degree Grid Cells. Quarter Degree Grid Cells (QDGC or QDS – Quarter degree Squares) is a way of dividing the longitude latitude degree square cells into smaller squares, forming in effect a system of geocodes. Historically … Continue reading

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