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Lokalkart for Mindland (heimstadkartlegging)

Det ble ikke heimstaddiktning denne sommeren. Ikke er jeg spesielt interessert i å skrive lokalhistorie heller. Men stedsnavn og kart har interessert meg en god del. Så da ble det heimstadkartlegging og ikke heimstaddiktning. Øya Mindland er i likhet med … Continue reading

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Timor Leste and OpenStreetMap

A couple of weeks while planning a work related trip to Timor Leste I started looking at the OpenStreetMap (OSM) for Dili. On my last trip we drove along the coast to the west of Dili, then south to Suai … Continue reading

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OpenStreetMap makes Mindland mapping possible

One of the biggest beneficiaries of OpenStreetMap is Microsoft letting OSM use their BING sattellite imagery as a backdrop for tracing objects for inclusion into OSM. One of my side projects is to make a decent map of the island … Continue reading

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