QDGC global coverage level 1-4

Aqdgc_logo new set of the Quarter Degree Grid Cell shapefiles has been generated. This time the coverage is global and the publication is for individual countries.

The QDGC shapefiles contain center lon/lat coordinates and the QDGC string for the different squares. The files are offered down to level four. For a country around the equator level four covers around 45 square kilometers with length and height a little under seven kilometres.

Read more about the use of QDGC on this page:

The calculations/export  this time took around 60 hours computer pricessing time including generation of world fishnet with the different sizes, square area calculations, assigning QDGC strings, compression and more.

The below images shows how quarter degree grid cells covers Uganda.

Since last time I have moved the files to my own server. Figured out I wanted to have statistics for the files. The naming convention in the below list is based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 standard. This means that the first three letters in the files below indicate which country the file is for. UGA is for example for Uganda.

Here is a list of country level files:

Qdgc Afg.7z80 KiB230
Qdgc Ago.7z1.5 MiB210
Qdgc Alb.7z9 KiB219
Qdgc Are.7z23 KiB186
Qdgc Arg.7z0.4 MiB191
Qdgc Arm.7z11 KiB193
Qdgc Ata.7z4.4 MiB204
Qdgc Atf.7z6 KiB183
Qdgc Aus.7z0.6 MiB212
Qdgc Aut.7z22 KiB173
Qdgc Aze.7z18 KiB186
Qdgc Bdi.7z64 KiB185
Qdgc Bel.7z13 KiB189
Qdgc Ben.7z0.1 MiB194
Qdgc Bfa.7z0.3 MiB204
Qdgc Bgd.7z22 KiB185
Qdgc Bgr.7z14 KiB184
Qdgc Bhs.7z13 KiB179
Qdgc Bih.7z15 KiB180
Qdgc Blr.7z40 KiB187
Qdgc Blz.7z8 KiB192
Qdgc Bol.7z0.1 MiB181
Qdgc Bra.7z0.7 MiB180
Qdgc Brn.7z5 KiB175
Qdgc Btn.7z10 KiB176
Qdgc Bwa.7z0.8 MiB191
Qdgc Caf.7z0.5 MiB178
Qdgc Can.7z1.6 MiB177
Qdgc Che.7z10 KiB183
Qdgc Chl.7z0.2 MiB182
Qdgc Chn.7z0.9 MiB190
Qdgc Civ.7z0.4 MiB167
Qdgc Cmr.7z0.9 MiB218
Qdgc Cod.7z3.0 MiB180
Qdgc Cog.7z0.6 MiB189
Qdgc Col.7z0.1 MiB193
Qdgc Cri.7z12 KiB188
Qdgc Cub.7z39 KiB175
Qdgc Cyp.7z6 KiB206
Qdgc Cze.7z19 KiB183
Qdgc Deu.7z54 KiB183
Qdgc Dji.7z97 KiB183
Qdgc Dnk.7z17 KiB177
Qdgc Dom.7z9 KiB191
Qdgc Dza.7z2.7 MiB173
Qdgc Ecu.7z31 KiB179
Qdgc Egy.7z1.0 MiB170
Qdgc Eri.7z0.5 MiB183
Qdgc Esh.7z0.4 MiB184
Qdgc Esp.7z58 KiB180
Qdgc Est.7z12 KiB179
Qdgc Eth.7z1.0 MiB203
Qdgc Fin.7z79 KiB190
Qdgc Fji.7z0.4 MiB179
Qdgc Flk.7z7 KiB184
Qdgc Fra.7z1.2 MiB190
Qdgc Gab.7z0.2 MiB195
Qdgc Gbr.7z69 KiB175
Qdgc Geo.7z14 KiB188
Qdgc Gha.7z0.7 MiB199
Qdgc Gin.7z0.4 MiB177
Qdgc Gmb.7z35 KiB176
Qdgc Gnb.7z67 KiB172
Qdgc Gnq.7z54 KiB182
Qdgc Grc.7z30 KiB177
Qdgc Grl.7z0.6 MiB172
Qdgc Gtm.7z17 KiB180
Qdgc Guy.7z27 KiB174
Qdgc Hnd.7z21 KiB189
Qdgc Hrv.7z19 KiB183
Qdgc Hti.7z8 KiB170
Qdgc Hun.7z18 KiB185
Qdgc Idn.7z0.4 MiB180
Qdgc Ind.7z0.5 MiB180
Qdgc Irl.7z15 KiB180
Qdgc Irn.7z0.2 MiB166
Qdgc Irq.7z40 KiB176
Qdgc Isl.7z29 KiB159
Qdgc Isr.7z8 KiB170
Qdgc Ita.7z94 KiB174
Qdgc Jam.7z6 KiB178
Qdgc Jor.7z17 KiB195
Qdgc Jpn.7z90 KiB181
Qdgc Kaz.7z0.3 MiB183
Qdgc Ken.7z0.8 MiB171
Qdgc Kgz.7z29 KiB169
Qdgc Khm.7z16 KiB170
Qdgc Kor.7z12 KiB150
Qdgc KOSOVO.7z1 KiB168
Qdgc Kwt.7z8 KiB195
Qdgc Lao.7z56 KiB177
Qdgc Lbn.7z5 KiB176
Qdgc Lbr.7z0.2 MiB181
Qdgc Lby.7z2.2 MiB178
Qdgc Lka.7z12 KiB171
Qdgc Lso.7z0.1 MiB177
Qdgc Ltu.7z16 KiB163
Qdgc Lux.7z5 KiB174
Qdgc Lva.7z13 KiB167
Qdgc Mar.7z1.8 MiB187
Qdgc Mda.7z14 KiB170
Qdgc Mdg.7z0.8 MiB166
Qdgc Mex.7z0.3 MiB171
Qdgc Mkd.7z7 KiB176
Qdgc Mli.7z2.2 MiB182
Qdgc Mmr.7z0.1 MiB179
Qdgc Mne.7z7 KiB174
Qdgc Mng.7z0.1 MiB159
Qdgc Moz.7z1.2 MiB190
Qdgc Mrt.7z1.3 MiB171
Qdgc Mwi.7z0.3 MiB177
Qdgc Mys.7z66 KiB181
Qdgc Nam.7z1.2 MiB205
Qdgc Ncl.7z10 KiB179
Qdgc NCYPRUS.7z1 KiB175
Qdgc Ner.7z1.6 MiB170
Qdgc Nga.7z0.9 MiB169
Qdgc Nic.7z18 KiB179
Qdgc Nld.7z14 KiB164
Qdgc Nor.7z0.3 MiB167
Qdgc Npl.7z24 KiB178
Qdgc Nzl.7z0.1 MiB176
Qdgc Omn.7z58 KiB180
Qdgc Pak.7z0.2 MiB172
Qdgc Pan.7z13 KiB180
Qdgc Per.7z0.1 MiB185
Qdgc Phl.7z55 KiB166
Qdgc Png.7z88 KiB172
Qdgc Pol.7z36 KiB175
Qdgc Pri.7z6 KiB171
Qdgc Prk.7z25 KiB169
Qdgc Prt.7z19 KiB181
Qdgc Pry.7z47 KiB177
Qdgc Pse.7z5 KiB181
Qdgc Qat.7z6 KiB175
Qdgc Rou.7z37 KiB166
Qdgc Rus.7z5.3 MiB183
Qdgc Rwa.7z35 KiB170
Qdgc Sau.7z0.2 MiB176
Qdgc Sdn.7z1.4 MiB165
Qdgc Sen.7z0.2 MiB165
Qdgc Slb.7z27 KiB179
Qdgc Sle.7z0.2 MiB178
Qdgc Slv.7z9 KiB151
Qdgc Som.7z1.1 MiB183
Qdgc SOMALILAND.7z95 B167
Qdgc Srb.7z14 KiB182
Qdgc Ssd.7z1.1 MiB172
Qdgc Sur.7z23 KiB160
Qdgc Svk.7z13 KiB182
Qdgc Svn.7z8 KiB157
Qdgc Swe.7z0.1 MiB174
Qdgc Swz.7z75 KiB174
Qdgc Syr.7z31 KiB181
Qdgc Tcd.7z1.3 MiB162
Qdgc Tgo.7z0.2 MiB173
Qdgc Tha.7z89 KiB167
Qdgc Tjk.7z26 KiB176
Qdgc Tkm.7z55 KiB172
Qdgc Tls.7z7 KiB165
Qdgc Tto.7z4 KiB165
Qdgc Tun.7z0.3 MiB182
Qdgc Tur.7z71 KiB172
Qdgc Twn.7z9 KiB179
Qdgc Tza.7z2.4 MiB182
Qdgc Uga.7z0.8 MiB180
Qdgc Ukr.7z55 KiB178
Qdgc Ury.7z22 KiB185
Qdgc Usa.7z2.3 MiB203
Qdgc Uzb.7z67 KiB182
Qdgc Ven.7z0.1 MiB165
Qdgc Vnm.7z82 KiB174
Qdgc Vut.7z6 KiB170
Qdgc Yem.7z43 KiB175
Qdgc Zaf.7z1.5 MiB282
Qdgc Zmb.7z0.8 MiB192
Qdgc Zwe.7z0.6 MiB204

This i s a list of the continents files:



The associated code for generating the QDGC is kept in the following project on github:


8 thoughts on “QDGC global coverage level 1-4

  1. Tali Hoffman

    Hi there,

    I am so delighted to have found the resources you’re offering! I run an Africa wide mammal conservation project and am doing a lot of analyses of the spatial data. All the data I have are at GPS level and (for multiple reasons) I would like to scale these up to QDGC level. I see from comments on your website that you may have an Africa wide QDGC GIS layer, but I’m struggling to find this. Can you please point me in the right direction?

    Also, please let me know how best to credit you in the analyses I do.


      1. Tali Hoffman

        Thank you so, so much! Level 2 is actually the one I need for now, but I’d be happy to see what the other 3 levels look like when you get a chance to prepare them. Please dont rush on my account!!

        Thanks so much,

    1. ragnvald Post author

      Thank you for your feedback. I will look into it, but can not promise any updates shortly. Try out the regional data sets (africa) in between, you might be able to find working files there.


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