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Wilderness 4: Wilderness degradation analysis

Wilderness degradation happens when new encroachments are made changing the wilderness status of an area. It is a complex issue which does not easily lend it self to a GIS based analysis. I will refer to my posting on wilderness for a peek … Continue reading

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Wilderness 3: About the examples

A philosophical approach towards wilderness analysis has been written. A FME-script has been designed and appropriately discussed. Now time has come to run the script on national level data to prove the concept and also open up for a discussion on challenges with the … Continue reading

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Wilderness 2: A practical approach to wilderness analysis using FME

In a former posting I discussed how wilderness is not only about politics, religion, philosophy and legal instruments. Unless we force it into a practical context, the term “wilderness” remains an intangible size. Geographers have a long history for making representations of the … Continue reading

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Wilderness 1: What is wilderness?

Any analysis of wilderness areas will be based on an understanding of environmental, philosophical, religious, human and political factors. In Norway this understanding has over the years led to a categorization of wilderness into different area classes based on distance to defined encroachments. … Continue reading

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Converting shapefiles to Mission Planner .poly-files

Mission Planner by Michael Oborne is an impressive piece of software. It is used to program the open-source APM autopilot. The autopilot is used to control planes, copters and rovers. I have used Mission Planner a lot and I can not … Continue reading

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Hvordan skrive ut Mindlandskartet hos Japan Photo XXL

I denne lille artikkelen forteller jeg litt mer om hvordan Mindlandskartet kan skrives ut hos Japan Photo. Jeg forteller også litt om hvilke alternativer som er hensiktsmessige for utskrift av kartet. Du kan lese mer om kartet på en egen … Continue reading

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Mindlandskartet i versjon 2.0

Mindlandskartet gir en god topografisk fremstilling av Mindland og en uovertruffen oversikt over stedsnavn på øya. De mange stedsnavnene ville ikke vært på kartet uten velvillig hjelp fra store og små på Mindland. Kartet er laget ved bruk av kartprogrammene ArcMap … Continue reading

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